Zelle: RPG Maker's Occult Adventure

After a 3 month semi-hiatus / depression slump, got back on the horse to make this. Not exactly my proudest work but defo a step in the right direction. Was really nice to work on something that wasn't like, 45+ minutes lmao.

Hylics: Style is Substance

The Hylics video was probably the one I was looking forward to working on the most. Not only are both games wildly important to me, as a person but also the thesis of the video ; the idea that Style and Substance are basically one and the same, constantly intertwined is a belief I carried with me throughout all of my career. I don't say that often but I think this is the one video I'm actually proud of.

24 Killers - Embracing Love-De-Lic's Legacy

24 Killers' a game that was given to me by its dev, and one I was looking forward to for a couple of months already by the time of release. Made the vid in barely 2 weeks so it's hella rough around the edges but just like its game, dripping with love. Even though it's been already a few months since I made this, it still got a special spot in my heart. B)

Flower, Sun, and Rain - Sequel Anxiety

The FSR vid was an attempt to bounce back from the burnout and overall reception I got from the Planet Laika vid. Also defo a semi-promised follow up to the Silver Case vid too. Really weird state of mind for that one which kinda explains the intro's 4th-wall-less capabilities of punching through the heart. Following up on something is never easy, especially when you got over ten thousand eyes on you.